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The real meaning of beauty

March 26, 2017
real meaning beauty

What it feels like to be beautiful? Or how’d we know if someone is beautiful? Was there a standard created so that one girl can check that she’s beautiful? Or was it only based on people’s standards?

Living in this generation, I have known a lot of standards to be able to fit in to the word “beautiful”. You should be fair-skin and flawless; hair must be straight, smooth, and silky; you must be in size 0 or contain body stats of 36-24-36; and you must have the latest iPhone or highlighter makeup. The list goes on. Whatever they see on the screen, whatever they see on their celebrity crushes, they automatically accept it until it became a norm. Continue Reading

She Travels

Exploring Museo Orlina

Part of our Tagaytay trip last January is our museum tour and I believe that I mentioned in my Tagaytay blog post that I will write a separate post about it, but since so many things have gone in my way, I almost forgot…

March 17, 2017
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The Happy Life Lately

I know it’s been ages since the last time I wrote anything for my blog series because let me be completely honest that sometimes I only post for blog series whenever I don’t have anything to write about. Haha, but now I think this…

March 4, 2017
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Found: Letters on Life, Love, and God

Imagine you have the opportunity to write a book about your childhood and teenage stage. Imagine you have the paper and the pen to jot down all the memories you can still remember when you were in elementary—innocent and full of joy. When you…

February 24, 2017
Beauty, Fashion, and Style Life

Skin Genie Haul

When it comes to beauty and skin products, it took quite a long time for me to discover and try those products that work best for me and my skin type. I went under trial and error process – damaging and abusing my skin…

February 10, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017

Chinese New Year is something we annually celebrate aside from our usual yearly celebrations such as Christmas, Valentines, etc. When it comes to celebrating it, nothing is better than visiting the ever-beautiful Chinatown in Binondo, Manila.…

February 5, 2017
Coffee Places

Sunday Afternoon at Art Capital Cafe

Hobbies include: discovering and visiting local coffee shops. I have to admit that I always opt to go to low-key coffee shops rather than those expensive and overcrowded ones.…

January 25, 2017
Coffee Places

My top coffee shops that serve the best cappuccino

I am a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast. Who would not love coffee? Though I know few people who do not drink coffee and I feel sorry for them, because for me coffee is the key to my everyday life. Does it sound so exaggerated? One…

January 17, 2017
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StyleWE: Designers at Fingertips

Since I am almost done with college, I will be entering the corporate world for real. I cannot believe that after many years of studying, I will finally say goodbye to my school uniform. Yes, work means we have to wear semi-formal outfits every…

January 9, 2017